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Will Pocket Tanks 2 be Coming Out?

Pocket Tanks 2

Our best answer to this question is – no, Pocket Tanks 2 will most likely NOT be coming out.


Our research showed that the original Pocket Tanks is a PC game that came out about a decade ago. Their most recent update bringing it to version 1.6. The last mention of a sequel (i.e. Pocket Tanks 2) was made by the creator after an update to the original in 2008, in which he told users “if you liked this, wait for my sequel Pocket Tanks 2…”.


That was the last that the game was mentioned anywhere prominently online. Since then, other fans have created their own versions, or concepts, of how the sequel should be. However, these are just answers to the original game and are not actually considered to be part of the sequence.


Whether it comes out or not, we’re glad we still have Pocket Tanks Deluxe, at least. Pocket Tanks Deluxe consists of a larger weapon arsenal and a variety of backgrounds.


What is Pocket Tanks?

It’s an artillery 1 V 1 game that requires players to use the best weapon(s) to get rid of their opponents by decimating them faster. If you enjoyed Worms or games that require 1 v 1 fighting, then perhaps you’ll love this! Roll up your firepower, adjust your angle of aim, and then fire away! Destroy your enemy’s tank before they destroy you!