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Why do People Play Pocket Tanks?

Why do people play Pocket Tanks?

It is the people who love artillery games that will flourish in Pocket Tanks. This game combines grit, skill, and strategy. It also requires you to be well-versed in the weapons. There are many weapons for you to learn about in the game. People enjoy playing it because it can provide endless hours of non-stop fun! Here are more reasons for why do people play Pocket Tanks:


There’s no one reason as to why people play Pocket Tanks. It might be because it’s a very mathematical and physics-based game. It might be because it is reminiscent of the Worms game, which everyone loves, owing to its cutesy and adorable worms!


People may want to play Pocket Tanks because it looks cool! Maybe they’ve dreamt about driving and controlling tanks, and this game helps them feel that way.


Pocket Tanks is a two-player game that consists of a pair of tanks facing off with each other. They will each take turns to decimate the other by launching missiles, guns, bombs and other weapons after selecting the angle and firepower of the weapon. This part is very crucial because, with the wrong angle, the whole thing can go haywire. You don’t want to keep missing your turn either, so don’t let your shot go to waste.