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What is the Pocket Tanks Golden Bullet?

Pocket Tanks Golden Bullet

The Pocket Tanks golden bullet is a weapon in the physics-centric computer game Pocket Tanks. This weapon can do heavy damage, by releasing 30 bullets in a randomly-generated direction. Among these small bullets is one larger golden bullet, which inflicts more damage.


This weapon is hit-or-miss, it may not strike the intended target due to the random nature of the attack, and may even backfire on the player. Unless you’re very sure about how to maneuver this tricky weapon, we encourage you not to use it. It may yield disastrous effects on your tanks and your campaign to win your opponent! Don’t do a shoot-yourself-in-the-foot move unless you’re pretty sure about how it works – and this includes angle, firepower and so on!


Pocket Tanks the game is a heavy artillery game that involves shooting and undermining your opponents in the game. You don’t know what strategy he or she will use, or whether they are able to predict what moves you’re going to make! It’s a game of skill, strategy, and quick thinking. Remember, not all moves fit one size as your solution, so be sure to experiment.