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What is Pocket Tanks?

What is Pocket Tanks

It is a two player game designed for combat operations on the mountainous war front like one player should attack the other’s tank. Their choice of weapons varies from three hundred and twenty different types like single (worm) to multiple projectile rockets like cluster shots (Tommy gun). Learn more about what is Pocket Tanks! Read on!


For a successful hit, one has to aim at a higher angle and should always go for the Tommy gun, because among the five rockets chances are high that at least one may hit the target. The winner is the one who had scored the highest points after the tenth volley. To clear the boulders obstructing the enemy tank one can use the cruise missile which penetrates deep into the ground and blows out a whole bunch of earth.


Weapons in Pocket Tanks


Napalm shot proves to be effective in toasting the enemy tanks with high-temperature gas which emanates out of the missile once it hits the target. The groundhog is a more powerful and efficient form of the cruiser, unlike the pile driver which hits on the target and buries it under the rubble.


The heatseeker vaporizes an entire hillock, this serves good to clear away a boulder or hillock which stands to guard the enemy tank. The zapper a forty points shot is a bonus when hits the target precisely. This is another bizarre weapon is the big shot which erects a tall wall on the enemy tank on hitting it. This wall puts thrust on the enemy tank and pushes it deep into the ground.


Similarly, the dirt-ball is a strange missile which creates a smog of dirt around the enemy tank. At the beginning of the game, one has the option to choose the difficulty level as per his or her convenience, and one can increase or decrease the power of the guns and their angle of the projectile. The gyro glue is useful when the enemy is well hidden and placed between a crevasse, this weapon sprays a shower of fire for some time spinning over the target. The crackdown slips the target down into a narrow hole, this leaves the enemy with fewer options in terms of low angle aiming. Thus this game involves strategy while in a static position which will be useful in the war on mountainous terrains.