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What are some Pocket Tanks Tips and Tricks?

Pocket Tanks Tips and Tricks

There are various ways to gain an advantage over your opponent in Pocket Tanks, whether that is through smart tactics or quick small actions you can take during gameplay to give you the upper hand. Here are some Pocket Tanks tips and tricks that you can use today!


One of the main ways to give yourself the best possible chance of victory is through combining multiple actions/attacks together to inflict the highest amount of damage possible to your opponent. For example, combining the act of covering a crater with Bouncy Dirt and then hitting the tank with a Fission Bomb while it is inside the crater is one option. Doubling up attacks one after the other is also a good tactic for inflicting as much damage as possible. For example, following up a Pile Driver attack immediately with a Hailstorm attack. Or even perhaps a Napalm attack. This is a great way of increasing the number of points attained for an attack.


Hiding is sometimes the best defense

Other tactics, like hiding underground, will give you an advantage too. This can be achieved by making your tank slide underground when you attack a digger from a steep angle. You will then just need to seal yourself underground fully, which can be done by using a Dirt Weapon.


Combination attacks

Another combination attack is to attack an opponent with the Ground Shocker weapon. By striking the ground immediately underneath the tank. This makes the ground very rough. You can then attack using the Popcorn weapon close to the tank – this will then cause your bullets to multiply and bounce around.


One way to use a single attack in a more direct and powerful manner is to strike an opponent with the Carpet Bomb weapon. This is designed to be used to attack a wide area in one go from a distance. If you are close to the opponent’s tank, you can instead turn the power up to 100 and strike the tank head-on to inflict a maximum of 110 points.