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What are some Pocket Tanks Cheats?

Pocket Tanks Cheats

This Pocket Tanks cheats guide can work for almost weapons, though it works best for the weapons with higher explosion time: Pincushion, color bomb, popcorn, hail storm, napalm, and sprinkler. As soon as you fire a weapon, make a move. When you do this, it’s actually a glitch – you can even fire up to four times!


This method can be used to lower CPU tank’s points. When it fires, make the tank move, reduce the power to 1, and then fire repetitively until all the dirt falls onto itself.


Another cheat is to burrow yourself underground. If you’re feeling like the only way to win the game is via defense, then we’ll suggest you start digging low. Access our tips and tricks page to find out what is the best defense strategy against the enemy when you just want to get away from the opponent! It’s a brilliant way to “hide” yourself when all is lost.


Don’t wait anymore! Time to download and play Pocket Tanks for MAC or PC, or even Mobile to start shooting! Shoot the heck out of your opponents and may the smartest opponent and strategist win! In any case, your best plan will be to try out this game until you’re out of the warring system!