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Pocket Tanks VS Pocket Tanks Deluxe

Pocket Tanks VS Pocket Tanks Deluxe: What’s the difference?

Pocket Tanks is a computer game for 1-2 people. Pocket Tanks Deluxe too. So, you might be wondering: Pocket Tanks VS Pocket Tanks Deluxe… which is better? What are the differences?


You have the ability to move the tank. You are provided access to various weapons to use against other players’ tanks. Originally, it was intended for Windows and Mac OS X systems and later incorporated Android and Windows phone platforms as well.


Players fire 10 shots at one another, and the player with the highest hit count wins. The game takes into account range and accuracy too.


In Pocket Tanks, it works the same, except that it has a significantly smaller weapon arsenal.


Pocket Tanks Deluxe allows the player to upgrade weapons. They gain access to up to 320 different weapons from various extension packs. Players can use extensions only if they have installed Pocket Tanks Deluxe! 290 weapons are only available through the extension packs.