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Pocket Tanks Best Strategy

Pocket Tanks Best Strategy

Your primary mission should be to ensure your terrain provides you with the utmost advantage and platform from which to grow and expand. We like to create plenty of flat open spaces and valleys in which to hide. Also to advance on opponents without suspicion. Read on to know about Pocket Tanks best strategy.


The last position you want to find yourself in is having opponents on top of a hill shooting down on you. The key to preparation for success in this game is to begin by mastering all the weapons prior to engaging in combat.


Personally, we like to follow the general advice of making a bunker to protect your tank, and to use as a base first and foremost before deploying troops and advancing on opponents as stealth as possible.


To achieve this select the dirt mover weapon on full power and fire downwards. As the bunker takes form, you will find yourself falling into it so don’t panic! The final stage is optional depending on your stage in the game. If it is at the beginning I would advise against using this strategy as it prevents you from attacking your opponent.


However, if your concern is on defense, then choose the dirt slinger weapon and shoot upwards. This covers you in dirt and stops your opponent being able to use a missile to drop on top of you. We must stress that this stops you from being able to retaliate though and should only be used in extreme situations where defense is the only objective.