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Games Similar to Pocket Tanks?

What are the games similar to Pocket Tanks?

Have you ever played Pocket Tanks, then realized how similar it is to another game you’ve played before? Well, let’s find out today what are the games similar to Pocket Tanks! Pocket Tank is a game that is very similar to an old DOS game called Scorched Earth, as well as the more famous Worms series of games.


Scorched Earth is a game where two or more players use tanks to attack one another until only one is remaining. Players may purchase weapons and upgrades for their tanks, with money earned by winning matches.


The Worms series of games is much the same, only instead of tanks, the players control worms who battle each other to win matches. The series is similar to Pocket Tanks in that weapons and upgrades may be purchased for the worms to use to attack and defend.


Worms and Scorched Earth share a common theme with Pocket Tanks in that the players must choose the trajectories and speed of their projectiles. These numbers determine whether the player’s projectile will hit the desired target. There are other factors affecting the trajectory of the projectile as well. These include things like wind, objects blocking the path, and terrain. The weapons themselves can be used in a variety of ways. Some weapons must arc, while others like lasers can shoot straight through objects.


Some weapons have a large blast radius, while others must be more precise. Scorched Earth even featured weapons that had a liquid effect, causing lava to flow and cover enemy tanks. The Worms series has much more humor within the game. They feature funny sound effects and unusual weapons like dynamite and flamethrowers.


Other copycats?

There are many other copycat games that are similar to Pocket Tanks because the format is so fun and simple. Any kind of game using trajectory variables for a projectile could be considered similar to Pocket Tanks.


While Scorched Earth was the first iteration of this type of game, there have been many improvements and upgrades over the years. One of the newer knockoffs of this type of game is called Shell Shocked, available on Steam. This game features the same basic format as Pocket Tanks, a two-dimensional tank battle. It also features many graphical improvements and animations.