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What is the Best Defense Strategy for Pocket Tanks?

Best Defense Strategy for Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks is an exciting game where players can take turns shooting at one another with artillery weapons that range from basic to more advanced. Players must be careful with choosing weapons as each weapon has its own purpose. The last thing a player wants to do is use a weapon to destroy an opponent and winds up destroying himself. In this article, we’ll be talking about the best defense strategy for Pocket Tanks that you can use!



One of the best defenses strategies for Pocket Tanks is setting up the terrain. It’s best to avoid hills and mountains and instead choose the flats or the valleys. Aiming over the mountain can be difficult. This will provide the tank with more ability to aim at its opponent and use the Magic Wall to create a protective barrier from underground attacks.



The most important defense strategy is by camouflage. Camouflaging your tank using the Mud Slinger allows you to hide from your enemies. That way you can make surprise attacks on them using one of your favorite weapons. Just be mindful that if you become trapped in a dirtball, you can do damage to yourself and naturally you will lose points. Other ways to help destroy the enemy is by making their tank move when they shoot.


Other tips

Use the move button to try to get the opponent’s weapon to fall on itself. Afterwards, repeatedly cover them with a mudpie to slow down their process from attack. It’s important to reserve your most powerful weapon. Once you fire at your enemy with a strong weapon, be sure to switch over to something less powerful so you can reserve it for when you really are ready to destroy your enemy. Work on angles so that you aim directly at the center of your opponent’s tank. Increase your weapon power to 100 to ensure damage. Since the nature of the game is to win, its best to just shoot at your enemy by playing around with the different weapons and have fun.