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Pocket Tanks Knowledge Base | Frequently Asked Questions

The Pocket Tanks Knowledge Base contains comprehensive answers to your questions about the top-downloaded, fast-paced 1v1 artillery game. Produced and created by Blitwise Productions, Pocket Tanks has gathered millions of downloads and over a decade of quality artillery gaming. Designed with ease of use, fun mechanics and simple controls in mind, Pocket Tanks has become an iconic and go-to game for both new and seasoned artillery game enthusiasts.

Not familiar with Pocket Tanks? We’ve got you covered! Learn the game’s basic features to get yourself started. Read up on the latest Pocket Tanks updates, discover the best tips and tricks to guarantee your victory, and explore Pocket Tanks’ Deluxe features.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, then check this guide for more facts and figures about your new favorite game!

Haven’t downloaded Pocket Tanks yet? What are you waiting for? Download and start playing with your friends today!

Will Pocket Tanks 2 be Coming Out?

Pocket Tanks 2 Our best answer to this question is – no, Pocket Tanks 2 will most likely NOT be coming out.   Our research showed that the original Pocket…

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What are some Pocket Tanks Tips and Tricks?

Pocket Tanks Tips and Tricks There are various ways to gain an advantage over your opponent in Pocket Tanks, whether that is through smart tactics or quick small actions you…

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What is the Best Defense Strategy for Pocket Tanks?

Best Defense Strategy for Pocket Tanks Pocket Tanks is an exciting game where players can take turns shooting at one another with artillery weapons that range from basic to more advanced….

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What is Pocket Tanks Deluxe?

What is Pocket Tanks Deluxe? If you’ve played Pocket Tanks, then Pocket Tanks Deluxe, as its name suggests, is an improvement to the game.   Similar to Pocket Tanks, Pocket Tanks Deluxe…

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What is Pocket Tanks About?

Wondering what is Pocket Tanks about? Pocket Tanks is a stellar game that’s playable by all ages. Pocket Tanks is available on many consoles and platforms. It’s an intuitive game…

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What are some Pocket Tanks Cheats?

Pocket Tanks Cheats This Pocket Tanks cheats guide can work for almost weapons, though it works best for the weapons with higher explosion time: Pincushion, color bomb, popcorn, hail storm,…

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Games Similar to Pocket Tanks?

What are the games similar to Pocket Tanks? Have you ever played Pocket Tanks, then realized how similar it is to another game you’ve played before? Well, let’s find out…

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Pocket Tanks VS Pocket Tanks Deluxe

Pocket Tanks VS Pocket Tanks Deluxe: What’s the difference? Pocket Tanks is a computer game for 1-2 people. Pocket Tanks Deluxe too. So, you might be wondering: Pocket Tanks VS…

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Why do People Play Pocket Tanks?

Why do people play Pocket Tanks? It is the people who love artillery games that will flourish in Pocket Tanks. This game combines grit, skill, and strategy. It also requires…

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Pocket Tanks Best Strategy

Pocket Tanks Best Strategy Your primary mission should be to ensure your terrain provides you with the utmost advantage and platform from which to grow and expand. We like to…

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